Miss City Discovers: Re-cap of the Tate Wedding! Plus some weekend fun!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Re-cap of the Tate Wedding! Plus some weekend fun!

The Newlyweds: Nicola and Mike with me and Dylan
The gorgeous bride, Nicola, and me! 
Hello all!

I am officially in Beverley, Massachusetts visiting Dylan Tate- my boyfriend for the last four years. Just two weekends ago, we celebrated his brother Mike's wedding to the beautiful Nicola Ralli (now Nicola Tate!!) It was an absolutely GORGEOUS wedding and so much fun. Thought I'd share some pictures with you...since let's be real, who doesn't like a good wedding album?!
The ceremony :) 
Rehearsal Dinner with Dylan and his brother Mike!
Dylan and I 
Me and Dylan at the head table :)
The Bachelorette Party!! Me, Julia and Nicola!

I hope you had your fill of emotional wedding-ness. Now, here are some of my internet finds that I think will help you start off your weekend in a superb mood.

Adrian Grenier + Washington Square Park (MY CAMPUS-where the EF was I??) + a...friendly? game of chess = a must-see

This Bang Bang Shrimp looks SO mouthwatering I can't even take it...maybe I can get Dylan to make this for me this weekend?! In my dreams. 

You KNOW I was waiting for Beyonce to do the tongue thing at her Superbowl performance. SHE ALWAYS DOES IT DURING CRAZY IN LOVE. So hot. So obsessed. If you haven't seen the performance yet...watch it now. Now.

During my first semester at NYU, I was very lucky to receive the opportunity to intern at blow, the new york blow dry bar in their Social Media and Digital Marketing department. This company is UNBELIEVABLE. They were the first salon to offer the perfect blow out, and they are only getting better! Their product line is phenomenal, and I am never disappointed when I get my hair blown out. Book an appointment today! I promise, you'll walk out feeling like a million bucks. 

Admit it. These chocolate chip cookies look too scrumptious to be real. What really makes me want to make these specific cookies, however, is the story behind them. Check it out at Pineapple and Coconut's Blog! 

Finally, when you're out and about this weekend, I dare you to try to top this selfie. From space. Yeah-this happened. I also recommend you check out all the Picture's of the Day from Twisted Sifter

Love you all! Happy three day weekend :) 


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