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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Wonders

Hi everyone! So Wednesday Wonders is here again. YES! We made it one week. I had a great rest of the weekend at Endicott College with Dylan and all of his incredibly fun friends. We went to a home hockey game where a bunch of Dylan's friends rocked the rink...can I say that? It was very entertaining. I was so sad to say goodbye to Dylan and his extremely accommodating roommate, Zack. Next time I see Dylan is March 1st when we go see the Nets at the Barclays Center!

I basically had a bus ride from hell on the MegaBus on my way back, however. They decided to switch bus drivers an hour away from New York. Why....? And then the new bus driver came and said that there was a random airbag out. Probably why the first driver booked it as soon as the new driver came. We had to wait an hour for another (worse) bus, and then got stuck in rush hour traffic. But, hey it's okay! I made it back. Just in time for a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in New York, Pomodoro, with my parents and my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Scott! It was scrumptious as usual.

On Tuesday I got back into the swing of things and attended the first NYU Red Cross Club meeting of the semester. It was very informative and I can't wait for the semester ahead! I think it's about time that I get certified in CPR. I also went to a Headless Society meeting, which is one of the publications at NYU. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. Much needed after that bus ride. My creative juices really got flowing- and I'm considering posting what I wrote during the meeting on here for you lovely people! Be warned- it's kind of melodramatic and depressing. But hey, accept my life.

Lastly (before we get to the fun world of the web), I entered into a contest for a paid summer internship at Vince Camuto. We had to upload a picture of ourselves in our favorite interview outfit. The top 20 finalists get an actual interview, and then two lucky people get the gig! If you want to see my entry, just click this link- I think if you share it, that counts as a vote for me. Here's the picture below, also.



  1. To begin, do you remember how amazing the song Just Breath, by Anna Nalick is? Me and my two childhood besties, Sahana and Hannah, would sing it ALL THE TIME. Like, we actually considered starting a band at one point. And I'm pretty sure I was the only one who actually enjoyed singing, and for them it was just embarrassment. Well, that's what friends are for I guess!

2. In honor of Luke, I thought I'd post this list that made me cry. I truly believe that dogs are the greatest living beings on this planet. They love unconditionally and they are just so damn sweet.

3. I felt this was as good a time as any to bring up Momo. This is a perfectly perfect explanation of why I love dogs so much. THEY MAKE US LAUGH, and they're so smart. Find Momo now!

4. Random and old. But one of my favorite moments in live television ever. This is why I want to be Rachel McAdams. And why I want to marry Ryan Gosling (just kidding Dylan). If you want to watch the actual clip, just click here

5. Since everyone is ALREADY talking about the Harlem Shake, I thought I'd show you my favorite version so far. And of course it is at NYU. Why wouldn't it be? Note: of course they put credits.

6. This Kale, Carrot and Chickpea soup looks so mouthwatering, I want to fight someone because I don't have a kitchen in this jail cell they call a dorm room. Uh. Someone make this for me.

7. I don't know about you, but I've always had the weird desire to do a Mud Run. I secretly want to roll around in mud and call it exercise. Don't you? Pick from 8 awesome ones on this list!

8. RYAN GOSLING, you are a prince! Have a great night!


At February 20, 2013 at 8:19 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Love this post! I too, want to be Rachel McAdams and I want to marry Ryan. Sorry Matt! haha

At February 21, 2013 at 10:01 AM , Blogger Jordan Scott said...

Haha thanks Sarah!


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