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Monday, April 15, 2013

Marvelous Monday

Sooo I feel sort of bad because during my 8 am Social Foundations class today (while pretending to take notes) I was looking up the funniest/craziest/AMAZING stuff on the internet to share with you :) :) I'm just addicted. And working at FilmBuff has introduced to me all of these amazing new sites...which you will momentarily FALL IN LOVE WITH. Like me. Being repetitive, sorry. This weekend I went to Endicott. It was super fun and the normal craziness occurred.
Thorn: It was raining and cold and all I brought were open-toed sandals. Yeah.
Rose: Dylan and I ate ridiculously good pizza at 2 am after escaping the police (JK MOM!) but actualllllly the highlight may have been seeing Cam riding his bike at 900 mph out of nowhere in the street (pretty sure that is illegal after some intoxication...but it's Beverley so I really don't know how rules even apply there)

1. I realize this is probably a terrible way to start off this post, but I just think we need to recognize the horrible people on this planet. This was a post on the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist. FilmBuff is releasing a new movie called Missed Connections and it's very, very funny SO my task was to look up "legitimate" missed connections...and see how I could promote the movie...well here is one that I found:

At Delta Check-In - m4w - 53 (LaGuardia) 

Both checking in at the kiosks and I so hoped you were going to be on my flight. I was going to approach you but you finished before I did and quickly raced off for your flight. I saw your ring, but what happens on the road...... Contact me and lets see what plays out.

^^^^ WTF. See more craigslist creeps here. Some of them are kind of funny..

2.  Game of Thrones premier...and I realize this is 3 weeks late, buuuuut the premier wasn't as explosive as I thought it was going to be. I still have to watch last night's episode..but I have a feeling this season is just going to get progressively betta. I know it. I was pumped to see that Rob married the hot nurse though. True love <3 
Also, this list is awesome if you watch the show: 26 Things You'll Only Get If You Watch Game of Thrones

3. I watched 8 episodes of Homeland on my way to Boston and back from Boston. Officially hooked. Even though I had 500 pages of reading to do...DON'T JUDGE ME. If you wanna get started, read this list

4. For all my ladies, I found this site called Beautyblitz.com and they have this "Free Stuff" section where you enter to win these amazing beauty products. Hey, why not? Today's product you could win is Skinn's Sweet & Smooth Sugar and Shea Butter Body Polish. OOOO.

5. Also from Beauty Blitz, I found this Guide to the Music Festival Season that was very helpful. Even though I don't think I'll ever actually attend one of these...I figured someone out there might appreciate it. Plus I'm totally going to buy those sunglasses...gorgeous. 

6. This weekend, my goal is to see Breakfast at Tiffany's on Broadway starring Emilia Clarke from GAME OF THRONES!! (Sensing a theme here??) If you run over to the theater at 10 am the day of, you get the tickets super cheap. That's the plan. Who's with me? 

7. I have always secretly wanted to make bird houses. These are super cute DIY's. I think living in New York has officially squandered that dream...especially because I hate all the pigeons that try to fly straight at me in the park and make me look like an IDIOT. Thanks birds. Actually never mind, I will never make these awesome bird mansions for you. 

8. Not sure if I've mentioned this but I really am loving Green. The color. I think it looks great with every skin tone, hair color, etc. and it's just so perfect for spring. You don't need to go super bright with it, but every shade of green is in at the moment. I found this list of Pretty Green Clothing, and here's one of my favorites because it has the pop of green with classic black. 

9. Also from Dailycandy.com (another new find!) I found this list of wonderful office accessories. Because organization is bomb. 

10. Trying to be a tea drinker...not turning my back on you though coffee!! The cool peeps over at Seriouseats.com tried tons of bottled tea...and found this one. Soon to be tested by this gal. 

Happy Monday! 


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