Miss City Discovers: Sunday Fun Day

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Hey y'all! Sorry...experimenting with greetings. And sorry if you think the above photo is depressing..I just think it's an interesting thought.

I have a super full list of awesome videos and stuff and things that brought me joy to share with you! If you haven't yet noticed, this blog walks a very thin line between literally pointless blabbering and some thoughtful essays and reviews I've posted...but hey! I think everyone needs a little bit of both in their life. And my eclectic random behavior very correctly describes me as a person. These are basically my diary entries. So keep reading. I don't even know what's going to come out of my mouth next.

FIRST UP! Angela Miller from...get this...BEVERLEY MASS is now in the Top 8 of American Idol!! Beverley is such a small town (that my boyfriend, Dylan, currently lives in attending Endicott College) and she is actually amazing..and I don't just say that. She actually has a shot at winning this thing. One of my favorite performances of hers was when she sang "Yesterday" by The Beatles. I think it's my favorite Beatles song actually....and if you watched that night you know that I'm making fun of Keith Urban for running with that joke for way too long. But YouTube sucks right now and doesn't have a video of her singing Yesterday :(

But here is her audition piece:

I also love this Solo Round piece she did! (I think the judges did too)

Gillian Flynn. She is my favorite author of the moment. I've read two of her books, and am currently on the third. First I read Gone Girl. Then Sharp Objects. And now I'm reading Dark Places. This fills up the desire within me that yearns to solve "who dunnit" mysteries. Her writing is so beautifully descriptive and captivating. Oh, and if you haven't joined Goodreads yet, and you are an avid reader, then you have a problem. Flynn has a total dark side, and her characters are usually extremely effed up, but somehow she has you rooting for them. If you need to just escape this world for a second, I highly recommend reading one of these novels. You literally won't be able to put them down. So far I've read all of these in two days. And wait this is the first time I've seen her picture...why is she so beautiful? Her books are so demented!! AND AMAZING


I want this. I want this. I want this.

Is it embarrassing that I actually own one of these? And use it? Nah. 

When I get back to New York (tomorrow), I really want to plan some kind of girls night out at this place called ABC Kitchen in Gramercy. It looks so beautiful inside. Oh and the food reviews are good lol.

And now...just enjoy these pictures. 

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