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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Monthly in Your Mailbox!

It seems that there's a new fad out there. I have partaken in it myself. It is actually extremely exciting and uplifting when you receive a "care package". It brings me back to those long summer days at overnight camp.

I've decided to feature a few of my favorite "of the month" packages on here, and maybe you'll fall in love too!

1. Fancy Box

This is the package that I currently subscribe to, and I really do adore it. Each month, Fancy sends you about 5-8 items that are super popular, whether it's the newest techy-obsession or a beautiful and interesting (sometimes hilarious) book that is perfect for a coffee table. It is currently $39/box each month. Browse through some other amazing Fancy items on their website; you'll never get bored!

2. Bark Box

This is the sweetest idea out there if you have a dog, or are just a dog lover. If you sign up for this Bark Box, for as low as $18/month, you receive a little care package for your pooch! WAIT IT GETS BETTER! With each box that is delivered for the apple of your eye, another box goes to a dog in need!! Can you believe this?? I just want to cry that I found this after Luke passed :( I  miss him so much. I'm definitely telling my grandma to buy this for her doggies..

3. NewBeauty - TestTube

This is a really great idea if you love beauty products, skincare or makeup. Each month, a "TestTube" is filled with all of the newest products that are about to be released to the public, and you get to try them first! The package is $29.95, and is delivered six times a year. I have a friend who receives this package, and she only has glowing reviews!

4. Panty by Post

I know a lot of people cringe when they hear the "P" word, but cringe no more! It's time to do something nice for yourself, or maybe for a friend! These are absolutely stunning French luxury undies that come to you each month and make the postman blush! The price varies depending on how many months you want to subscribe- basically the longer, the cheaper! (They have 'em for the men too don't worry!)

5Not Another Bill

Not Another Bill is perfect for those of you who are SICK of only seeing junk mail and bills in your mailbox. It's time to spice things up and order Not Another Bill! The prices also very depending on each month subscribed. I think the little blurb on their website says it all:

Opening the post box used to carry with it a bit of surprise. Who knew what handwritten letter you might have been sent or maybe one of your friends sent you a post card from a far flung country. Unfortunately, in a world of emails and smart phones, that tends to be a rarity more than common place. Instead, the postman's deliveries these days tend to be bills — all handed over like clockwork every month. 
And so Not-Another-Bill is here to offer a glimmer of hope amongst the usual junk mail with the arrival of a monthly surprise gift specially curated and beautifully packaged. Subscribe for yourself or treat someone special to receive a collection of wonders each month, the product of collaborations between Not Another bill and a number of up and coming and established designers, brands and artists.

I hope you have found something that you could see yourself opening each month!! Tonight is the Red Cross Fire + Ice Gala- pictures coming soon!

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