Miss City Discovers: New Orleans, Franco Boyz, and Scary Cinema Villains.

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Orleans, Franco Boyz, and Scary Cinema Villains.

Hey everyone! So much has happened since the Red Cross Fire + Ice Gala! From March 29th-31st I was in New Orleans (!!!!) with the Tate Family! The city was so beautiful and the food was OFF DA HOOK. Seriously so good. Crawfish = my new favorite food. The beignets...the coffee...I can't even begin to describe how GOOD. We were only staying in their time share for a weekend, but we managed to do SO much. We went to a Burlesque show, took a buggy ride and toured around with quite the interesting chauffeur....and like I said, the restaurants are what really blew me away. Any weekend away with Mr. and Mrs. Tate, Mike and Nicola, and Dylan is always a good time. 

Some sort of Crawfish appetizer at Commander's Palace!

Saturday Morning before getting on the trolley!

Mike and Nicola (newlyweds!!) on the trolley. There was an ongoing debate of whether or not Mike resembles Don Draper..more on that soon.

Nicola deserves a lot of credit for catching this incredible moment. Brotherly love<3 

Kissing in the French Quarter!

This dessert...banana's foster something...just heaven. Ate every bite. Sort of shared..

This past Saturday, a group of students in the Red Cross Club at NYU went to clean up Central Park, which by the way is so weirdly clean...so we didn't have much trash to pick up, but I did get to use one of those awesome trash picking thingys. So that was a new experience. Later that night was the WYSE (Women and Youth Supporting Each Other) Date Auction!! Somehow at the last minute I was chosen to handle the music, and I basically only played Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson. Oh and My Goodies by Ciara. Trying to make some money for a very deserving organization!! We raised over $600, so I'd say it was relatively successful.

New friends in Central Park!

We're gonna just jump right in, since we have lots to make up for.


This just made me laugh. Ha-ha-ha, laugh and move on. This man is an alien. Bye.

2. Here is where my motherly instinct kicks in. I just adore this photo. The light, the dress, mother & child IT'S ALL TOO MUCH FOR MY HEART!

3. Can we quickly re-cap who the best villains in cinema history are? Or at least the past like 5 years when I actually realized I liked movies? Here are my top three...

Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men

That haircut...those eyes...that weird silent gun...he could not be scarier...probably the number one person in the world that I wouldn't want chasing me. I would probably stop running. I'd rather die than run away from this villain.

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds 

I don't know if I've mentioned that Inglourious Basterds is my favorite movie...but Christoph Waltz had a lot to do with it. His acting the meticulous, always one step ahead, paranoid and demented Nazi was pretty impeccable. So good in fact that I think we all were pumped when Brad pulled out the knife at the end to give him a little reminder of himself. Props Christoph. Cool name.

Heath Ledger in Dark Knight Rises

I think Mr. Ledger got so into his character, it really started to effect him in his personal life. And we all know how his story ended. He gets a standing ovation from me for this role. Brilliant.

Now that I've re-terrifed you, and if I haven't, please go watch one of these (they are all AMAZINGGGGG films) I will attempt to stick with a more flowing theme.

4. NOT! LOL. I want these bed covers. Aren't they just so darling? And sorry I don't know where they are from...just found them on my girl's blog. Jess. I don't know why I called you "my girl", so sorry. Here's her blog.

5. So apparently this music video (the unrated version at least) was BANNED from YouTube because it was too risqué. Because there were naked girls in it. Prancing around Robin Thicke. Do you really expect anything less from him? Well now I have to share it. I like the video. And I like the song. 

6. Could we PUH-LEEEEESE have a Brad and Jen Part Two? And no I'm not talking about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. So 500 years ago. I'm talking about JLAW (who you all know I'm obsessed with- remember?) and Bradley COOPER. Yum. They just totally work. You cannot even deny them.

7.  You are SO welcome. If this didn't just make your day a trillion times better then I don't know what will. You are a lost cause. JUST KIDDING- I love you all. Here are the rest of this dogs adventures.

8. Recently, I've been reminded about the awesomeness that is the Franco boys. Thank you Annie and Britt. Couldn't I just meet one of these perfect specimens? The older hottie (James) practically lives on my damn campus and I have YET TO SEE HIM. What am I doing wrong? But it's okay...I'll settle for meeting Daniel Day Lewis in a coffee shop (true story.) Just wait till the last picture...is there a third Franco brother that I don't know about?!?

9. Let's all live here! Everyone get in the bed! (Only some people will understand this reference-circa prom 2011). This is in Gramercy btw. 

10. So I know the Girls finale happened a long time ago...but I really like this interview and reflection on it. SO READ THIS!

11. I have an appreciation for this. That is all! I need to go to the gym soon. Sorry I'm being BRIEF BITCHES. 

12. It's so gorgeous out today. Basically 70 degrees. And Washington Square Park has been completely taken over by zombies from Walking Dead (AKA NYU Hipsters...something that my dad has been creepily obsessed with and asks me every time he comes out in an outfit "is this hipster?") I have been thinking about bikinis. And I want this one. So now I actually need to go to the gym. MWAH!


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