Miss City Discovers: Dream Shoes and Affirmations

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dream Shoes and Affirmations

It's been a while since I posted a new blog, and this is because life has been SO hectic. It's midterm week here at the oh so lovely NYU. Spring break is so close and yet so damn far. Dylan is going to Australia. Yes, that's right. While he's in Sydney skydiving, I will be in Albany. Awesome Albany. Anyways, I have the 2013 Red Cross Fire + Ice Gala to look forward to! I will be sure to add lots of pictures of all the black tie gowns...which by the way, I still haven't found mine. I've got issues.

Here's a picture of what I wore last year, when my mom and I co-chaired the entire event!

This Saturday I babysat for the sweetest little girl, an 11 month old named Arielle. I hope it becomes a regular thing because she's just too delicious.

ALSO, let's back track even further, my wonderful childhood friend (last year we were still in high school- but oh how far away that seems) Lexi Fehervari came to visit me in New York! We had such a blast hitting up all of my favorite spots around the city. We went to Galanga for thai, then Cafe Reggio for coffee, and then the 9:45 show at the Comedy Cellar! We were falling off of our seats- our FRONT ROW seats. We were made fun of a couple of times, so basically we are A-list celebrities.

Now, lets get to the fun stuff. Ladies and gentleman what you've all been waiting for!!!!

Well, first I just need to congratulate Iowa Girl for breaking her pregnancy to her katrillion followers in the CUTEST WAY EVER.

Next, and I realize this is an abrupt subject change, but these toilet paper rolls are too cute. And hey, you could put them in a babies bathroom (so that is a good transition thank you very much). Their little mouths are just so cute. I can't think of any other word to describe these except for cute. Just let me say cute. 

WHERE THE **** WERE THESE THINGS WHEN I WAS TRYING TO BE A POPULAR MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRL?! Do you understand how cool I could have been at a sleepover? 

Here are my dream shoes that I so sneakily put into this blog's title. They're just awesome. But totally irresponsible for New York. I step in so many sidewalk cracks that it's honestly just mean to wear heels. Because heels have feelings.

If you think this needs some sort of introduction .... I can't even. Sorry.

Oil wrestling. Nuff said ladies.

You can't just show one picture of Turkish men oil wrestling...

I want to watch this video every morning of my life. This brings such joy to my world.

How STUNNING was Meryl Strep? And she is still stunning. Natural. Beauty. I believe that Meryl is the most incredible actress that ever walked this planet. I know you think I over exaggerate a lot, but I am not exaggerating here. I fully mean that.

Here's a fun fact for you! NYU hasn't won a football game since 1952. Lets go Bobcats! Is that even our mascot anymore? The picture below is legit the only picture I could find of some sort of advertisement for an NYU football game. So. Old. We are not a real school.

And to finish up your Sunday evening (I need to get back to reading Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade....) here is a throwback video that used to CRACK ME UP in 10th grade. Still cracks me up. How can it not? STAY IN YOUR LANE.


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