Miss City Discovers: Nashville, JLaw and Mushroom Spinach Pappardelle

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nashville, JLaw and Mushroom Spinach Pappardelle

It is an absolutely lovely Saturday morning here on the Upper West Side of the big apple. Dylan got in yesterday (YES!!) and we went to a super close Nets game. But they lost. Against the Mavericks. UH. Very disappointing. But we had a really great time thanks to my wonderful father who hooked us up with great tickets, that included free food (chicken tenders anyone??) and a quick entry into the Barclays Center via a VIP line...totally felt famous for 5 seconds.

Dylan and I just got back from breakfast at the diner around the corner, where I had a spinach, broccoli and cheese egg white omelette. De-lish. Dylan had his classic 2 eggs over easy with toast and home fries. Such a guy.

Hopefully we will do something super fun again tonight- but those plans are up in the air. I will fill you in after this weekend is over and Dylan departs once again :( Oh, and the reason I'm writing this long blog today is because Dylan decided to wait until the last minute to fill out some application for something. So, here we go!

  • I adore the Today Show and now that the TV in the dorm is FINALLY working, I can watch it every morning! It has been just a slight nightmare for me and Francesca. On Friday, all of the anchors (who I feel I personally know) brought up the fact that during Hurricane Sandy and the blackout, there has been a 30% increase in pregnancies. Hence: The Blackout Baby Boom. If only you could see how awkward on set it got when Willie Geist said "Isn't it funny how when the lights go out, we all just start having sex with each other?" And then the studio went dark. Good times.
Oh Willie. 
  • No words. So precious. So, I guess words. Yeah. I love this. Anyone can LOVE ANYONE. This proves it. Tiger + Chimp forever. 

  • I've been meaning to mention FilmBuff for some time now. I have an internship at this AMAZING film company this semester and it has been quite a film-lovers dream. I am assigned to actually watch brand new independent films (WHAT!!), do marketing research on these hand-picked gems and POSSIBLY run into major celebs in the office. What. Yes. This is a very fulfilling position. Everyone who works at FilmBuff is....a film buff. And they're all so nice and accommodating. It's also my first time venturing into a new neighborhood- Chelsea! I am genuinely enjoying my time here and so I will be recommending a movie or two when they are finally released on all of FilmBuff's many platforms (Hulu, Netflix, VOD, etc.) For todays recommendation, if you are a baseball fan or a sports fan in general, I highly recommend Knuckleball! I am not what you would call a sports fan, and even I cried at the end of this very well-done documentary. 

  • Here is where I give a little shout-out to my Portuguese heritage. I have never been to Portugal, but I have seen many photos and one thing I've always noticed is that the houses, architecture and over-all landscape of the country is stunning. I was looking for some crazy knock-your-socks-off abode when I came across this quaint, sweet and lovely house in Portugal. How gorgeous is this color? 

  • I put this next dish into the title of the blog because it just sounds so scrumptious that I knew people couldn't stay away. I really like this blog: Eat. Drink. Love.  This pasta looks so light and healthy. 

  • So I'm in a foodie mood today if you couldn't tell. And I'm all over the place. One minute I'm preaching pasta, the next brownies and now Delicious Chicken Wonton Soup. I am probably always in the mood for soup, actually. Who isn't? It is just guaranteed to make us feel better in every way possible. 

  • http://vimeo.com/59006669 

Just trust me, and put this link into your browser. If you have a human heart you will not regret it. I love this family. This idea is so cute. 

  • I love JLaw. Quite a bit. As you know from my previous post where I decided we were meant to be best friends. She is so personable and down to earth. I thought her gown was stunning at the Oscars, and when she fell on her way up to receiving her Oscar, I quietly thought to myself that the dress looked very beautiful all fanned out around her. It wasn't a very embarrassing fall. And then I found this picture and I was like OMG YES I AGREE. MAKE THIS HAPPEN. What a defining moment in someones life. This photo captures so much emotion. And it would be quite the ad for Christian Dior. 

  • I've been sort of addicted to the new show on ABC called.....Nashville. Here's what I need to say about it. 
1. Can all of the songs on the show please be released because I am obsessed and addicted to them all. Especially "Wrong Song". I've been singing it for the past 48 hours and Dylan is about to tape my mouth shut. 

This is all :) 

Best. Scene. Ever.

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