Miss City Discovers: Mandarine Body Scrub, Spring Sides and Celeb Selfies

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mandarine Body Scrub, Spring Sides and Celeb Selfies

To start, my heart goes out to everyone in Boston affected by these tragic bombings. Dylan and his friends were one subway stop away from the finish line when they were all of a sudden kicked off and told what happened. Lots of friends at BC, BU, etc. I know it must be a really tough time over there and I love you all.

1. Here are 25 books every kid should have on their book shelf. Notables: Matilda, Half Magic, Madeline

2. This list forced me to make a fool of myself during class. Because even after I ex'ed out...I couldn't stop laughing. And now I'm probably hated by every student making a contribution/comment to the class. Oh well. BAHA all of the ones with Kanye....

3. Side dishes for Spring...I just knew that this was vital info.

4. This is just to say that Christiancinema.com SUCKS. Just read this post. This is one of FilmBuff's incredible documentaries that they are deeming "not family appropriate" because "Debates on homosexuality with some people saying they are proud of Gene Robinson or of being gay; comments like God is pleased with gays being used in the church and with gays being allowed to marry in some places; a lesbian rights sign is seen" YEAH. You guys suck. 

5. Cute right? Do 'em here.

6. I'm making this Mandarine Body Scrub LIKE NOW.

7. CHILL GUYS. I didn't forget you. Here's a list of cool bags you should get. I think they're cool for the ladies too..

8. And LASTLY a drink EVERYONE can enjoy :) :) except for people under 21...

or just take dat part out yo

Have a great day.


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