Miss City Discovers: July 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beach Paintings & Glowing Lipstick

My 4th of July weekend was pure magic. I have to rate it my number 1 weekend of Summer 2013. Yes, that is right. Numero Uno. Being back home in Albany was a dream all by itself. The weather was PERFECT. The quiet was phenomenal. The air was breathable. And on top of a picturesque location, I basically saw my entire family. My parents, my brother, his girlfriend Gia, and the love of my life, Dylan, were all in attendance at the major fun points. We spent the 4th at the Lake with my dad's entire side of the family plus tons of family friends. The boating, jet skiing & fireworks were so needed in my life I cannot even begin to think of adequate words. Throughout the weekend I tanned, read (!!!!) and come Sunday had seen some of my favorite people :) Ahhh. Feeling totally and utterly refreshed. 

I think these Beach Paintings are stunning. Recently I've been trying to expose myself to more modern art. After taking Cultural Foundations second semester, and studying 16th and 17th century art, I have found a new passion! The painting below is called Inner Tube Blues by Teil Duncan. 

Dylan has been attempting to convince me that going out to clubs and fist pumping is the best time on earth. So my response to that is finding this super cool 'glowing' lipstick from Stila that apparently is neon under UV lights. Sounds perfect for fist pumping at clubs. 

Here are some healthy barbecue fixes for all those summer parties! I'm sure I'll be doing some grilling this weekend when I go home to Albany! I cannot wait to see my brother and his girlfriend, go swimming, drive a car & read by the lake. Simple pleasures in life. 

I bought my first pair of Joe's Jeans today! They are the SOFTEST most comfortable jeans I've ever had. I am in love. I guess they are considered 'boyfriend' jeans which is funny because they will be the one pair that my boyfriend will disapprove of. Their slouchy/comfy persona just isn't as attractive as skinny/can't breath jeans. Too bad. 

Must make this Chocolate Pie. I feel as if I've been searching for this recipe my entire life, and have only now just realized it. 

Oh, what's up basically diamond headphones? Can I have you? 

I am super digging this new site I found called Eva Solo. It's a dream for people who like kitcheny things that make life easier and prettier. 

If I haven't yet mentioned to you my obsession and utter love for Disney Princesses, you will now know because of how BADLY I want this iPhone case. It is amazing. I think my fav Disney Princess is either Mulan or Belle. 

In yet another attempt to stay organized and feign effortlessness (word?) I think this jewelry roll from Morelle & Co. is adorable.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! Mike and Nicola come to visit tomorrow and I cannot wait!! We are going to have the most incredible weekend :) 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cinque Terre & Difficult Men

24 Almost No Cook Meals that I probably still wouldn't be able to cook but would really like to try. Especially the Crab Salad with Lime and Avocado. 

  Is this photo amazing or what? I love Twisted Sifter. 

While looking through the 'Picture of the Day' Archive on Twisted Sifter, I also came across this photo in Cinque Terre, Italy!!! Which is the ONE CITY that I have actually been to in Italy. It was absolutely breathtaking and this photo does it justice. 

I found this NY Times Article about Difficult Men in TV fascinating. Can you guess who my favorite dark & brooding male TV figure is? Um, dur, Don Draper. But, Walter White from Breaking Bad is a close second :) 

Sorry, had to include this. Basically epitomizes the tale of Sahana and Jordan. 

Overload on the NYTimes articles today, but I really liked this take on Kelly Brown's new book about becoming an adult. I've yet to read it, but this is the first review that has a slightly negative connotation.  

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for! My newest obsession on Sally's Baking Addiction! Fluffernutter Cake...yeah this is real life. 

Favorite Home Buy: These Gracious Home Towels. I like the simple colors and they look sooo soft. 

I work with a girl at Reiss named Alyza, and she always has the most gorgeous headbands. I used to wear headbands in middle school, and I kind of miss them! I have begun to scour the internet for them, and so far I am loving the ones from Anthropologie. In fact, I am nervous for when I move into my apartment, because I want EVERYTHING. First Gracious Home, now Anthropologie? Going down a bad road. 

Lemonade. Something I believe is truly underrated. I hope to make this Homemade Lemonade sometime this weekend while up on Burden Lake! It would be paired perfectly with some Kay's pizza..

5 Tips to Become A Morning Runner. Dylan and I NEED this list. We keep saying we will run in Central Park before work, but then the alarm goes off and we're like....uh....no....

These are some kids that are really going places. Number 14 bahaha.

Must. Have. Kindle. Paper. White. Greatest invention since the computer. 

I have taken boxing classes before, and absolutely love the pain the next day! I also feel great about learning self defense. That's why I bought 3 Krav Maga classes! It is a martial arts system that was developed in Israel. I'm so excited to start! I love how intensely this guy is trying to attack the girl in the picture below...

I have a serious debilitating issue. It is called Chocolate Walnut Cookies at Levaine Bakery. Omg. They are unreal. They weigh like 5 pounds and TASTE AMAZING. I can't even explain. They are gooey and moist and chocolatey and I've eaten like 4 in the past month. So so bad. 

The Mad Men Finale. Of course, I loved it. I was slightly disappointed that the 'Megan is going to be murdered' prediction didn't pan out. The ending was a bit of a shocker, considering how important Don considers his job. And I really appreciated the final image of Don standing with his kids outside of where he grew up (AKA the whore house). This blog from the NYTimes about the finale is incredibly insightful and smart. Definitely read it if you are a fan of the show.