Miss City Discovers: August 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall 2013 Fashion Wish List

When I was about eight, I decided that the most wonderful thing, next to a human being, was a book.

- Margaret Walker 

Don't you just love that quote? I love books. I really would prefer to read a good book than basically anything else in this world. Too far? I don't think so! 

I thought it would be fun to share a list of all my favorite trends that are coming up for this fall! I have slowly accumulated a 'wish list', and found pieces that are both steals & splurges. Here we go!

1. Bell/Cape Coat

I think these coats are so chic and stylish for fall. I love the shape they give!

Steal: H&M Cape, $59.50

2. Bordeaux Colored Pieces 

I'm obsessed with this color. On my visit to the Lee Outlets with Dylan, I bought some sweaters in this color at J. Crew

Steal: Asos Suit $167

Splurge: Ted Baker Oxblood Bag $335.83

3. Bright Blue Shoes

This color is so fun, bright & perfect to lighten up the usual dark shades of fall & winter.

Splurge: Aperlai Platform Pumps $880

4. Gray Jeans 

I've been seeing gray jeans all over the place, and I think gray is a great neutral for any closet.

Splurge: R13 Skinny Jeans $395

4. Black Earrings

I especially like chunky/matte black earrings and jewelry pieces.

Hope you saw something you liked! If you want any more recommendations, feel free to email me at Jordan@jeffreybscott.com 

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday evening :) 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Leather Skirts & Maple Beer Burgers

First things first:

Britt, Jessica and I GOT AN APARTMENT! Yes. Finally. After weeks of struggling and losing NOT ONE, NOT TWO but THREE APARTMENTS, we have finally found our home for the next year. And it's absolutely marvelous. The bathroom is maroon and black but hey, it has character. We each have our own bedroom, spacious living room and kitchen. In love. I actually think it's the greatest one we had seen, so I'm glad we lost the other apartments. I am very open to hearing decorating ideas- so let me know if you find anything amazing! First thing I'm buying: This Boxer Wine Glass. Love it. 

Meanwhile in my reading world (I've taken a break since I started working, guess I haven't gotten hooked on anything) I have started to read the cult classic, Angels and Demons. The beginning is a little slow, but it's one of those books that I feel is going to take off at any second. A mini review is soon to come! And no, I have never seen any of the movies and I actually have no idea what happens in the series. 

Decorating the new apartment is going to be a million times more awesome with a site I found called Poppin. Color coded, straight lines, organizer's heaven. I want everything. You can literally shop by color...what. 

I think this Kendra Scott Jewelry it so stunning. And no, it's not just because we share the same last name. Although that does add to her appeal ;) 
Her pieces are affordable but luxurious. 

Every girl should own a leather mini. That is all. 

  Maple Bacon Beer Burger...need I say more? Also, is it weird that I cried when Iowa Girl had her baby? I felt so involved. It was unnecessary. The Introducing Lincoln post was the best post of my life. 

The 26 Best Braids on Instagram. It is approximately the 90th time that I've told myself I'm going to learn how to braid. I think people who take the time to actually teach themselves are incredibly dedicated and patient people. I deserve all of the bad hair days that are thrust upon me. 

I want all of these gorgeous classic book covers on my shelf in my bedroom RIGHT NOW. Best housewarming gift ever...anyone getting the hint??!

And to end this long-awaited post, I figured I should promote my Grandma (the wonderful and multi-talented Mimi Scott). She has a brand new show coming to a very cool and exciting cabaret club called Don't Tell Mama in midtown which she WROTE and also stars in called Mah Jongg, The Musical! She is a true inspiration to me :) 

PS - that's her in the cute little red cap!