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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. – Lord Tennyson

What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything. – Laurence Sterne

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know many people think V-day is a 'Hallmark Holiday', but I prefer to think it is a day where we celebrate love with everyone in our life. Best friends, family, and perhaps a significant other. I am lucky to have so much love in my life - we all are! 

Today I'd love to post some Valentine's Day date ideas that you can do with anyone in your life that you love. 


I know that the best dates with friends are when you get busy and create something together! Today, throw on some re-runs of Friends (or like I did yesterday, Boy Meets World), get into comfy sweats, and attempt baking one of the below delicious recipes! Then for dinner, order the takeout of your choice (Chinese is my vice of choice), and celebrate with your hard-earned dessert and a great BFF flick like Bridesmaids, Thelma & Louise and if you really want to cry, Beaches.   


My mom and I love to watch movies, read together and take naps together. Here is what I recommend for the perfect mother/daughter date! 

One of these films:

Terms of Endearment

Steel Magnolias

The Family Stone

Read one of these books:

A great thriller: Gone Girl
A sappy romance: Bet Me
A sexy read: Bared to You
An adventure in another world: Archetype 
A family drama: Glitter and Glue 
A true story: Trapped Under the Sea


Go out! Play outside in the snow like you're 7 years old again and have a jolly ol' time in the snow. If you're in the Northeast at the moment, you have plenty of that to go around. Build a winter bonfire and make s'mores! And of course, have a snowball fight. It has to be done at every age. 


Start the day by working out together. You'll get your endorphins going strong, and then you can eat some decadent dessert later. Plus working out with your guy is always a good way to start the morning ;) 

Watch a very, very romantic movie. I'm talking The Notebook, Ghost, When Harry Met Sally (some laughs guaranteed), Breakfast at Tiffany's and anything else that gets your heart fluttering. 

Then, go on a winter picnic. Take blankets, sandwiches and hot soup in a thermos. Take lots of lovely photos to commemorate 'that Valentine's day in 2014'. 

Make dinner with each other. There is nothing more romantic than cooking with your love. Wine is mandatory. 

WITH YOURSELF (the greatest love of all): 

You can do all of the above by yourself...and it will be just as wonderful. To get some extra 'me-time' in, try shoveling snow. It's a workout, clears your head, and it gets work done!

If you have the means, make a fire. Sit by it. Read, write, watch a movie, listen to music, binge watch House of Cards (out today!!!) and do YOU. Do what no other person on this planet could do for you, but you. Love yourself. Treat yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day <3 <3 


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