Miss City Discovers: Breaking Bad, Cosmo & Maps

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breaking Bad, Cosmo & Maps

1. So I realize we are in the 4th (5th?) episode of the second half of Season 5 Breaking Bad now...but let's please discuss. I basically am loving it. A lot. I feel like I'm not breathing throughout most of the episode. Which I suppose is a good thing? When is something going to blow up already? I have to admit I was pretty damn disappointed that I was deemed "Jesse" in the Which Breaking Bad Character Are You quiz. Also, do this Breaking Bad Workout game

Let's just cap this season off with Walt Jr. being like "I WAS THE DRUGLORD THE ENTIRE TIME" or something crazy (even though that's literally not even a real thing that could ever happen). 

2. I joined a gym that's way too cool for me. It's called Clay. I want to run into Susan Sarandon there and actually make eye contact the second time around. I also heard a rumor that Cameron Diaz works out there....kill me...who wants to work out next to that? I am digging the little cafe inside the gym. I'm going to end up just eating and not working out. This is beginning to seem like a terrible, terrible idea. 

3. Christian Grey....I am more than completely okay with this

4. Oh, I probably should have begun this post with the most exciting/ridiculous/YASDKJSA news that I have ever gotten. I AM INTERNING AT COSMOPOLITAN MAGAZINE. First day is Thursday. Wish me luck!!! I might pass out in the Hearst Tower and then they'll be like sorry you clearly can't handle the level of how amazing we are. Here are some of the ideas I had to pitch to get the gig:

1. AXE THOSE LOCKS! (small example 1)

Everywhere we turn, a new celeb is taking the plunge, or at least their hair is.

Is it just us, or does Beyoncé look a little starry-eyed about her new ‘do too?

Emma Watson
This Harry Potter star turned world-class fashionista was one of the first to wear the trend.

Lena Dunham
Her unmatched confidence (both on and off screen) translates into this sophisticated cut.

2. LATE TO THE GAME (small example 2)
These celebs showed up to the Twitter Party a little more than fashionably late.


Her first tweet: “Late to the party, but happy to be here! 140 characters should keep me from rambling…someone told me it all doesn’t have to fit in 1 tweet.”
We want to know who her Twitter counselor is!


Their first tweet: “Mic check, mic check one.. two... is this thing on?!”
They joined Twitter strategically pre-VMA performance. How clever to prey on our weakness…90s boy bands.


His first tweet: “Kicking it off on Twitter for the first time.  Glad to be on board. Thank you for following... –L”
Oh awkward…he forgot to follow his fiancé @MileyCyrus during his following spree.

3. STARS WHO PREACH (full page article)

Lately, celebrities are proving they have much more to offer than their surface talent. When Ashton Kutcher stood up in front of millions of moldable young minds to accept his award at the Teen Choice Awards, we were blown away by his touching, smart and inspiring speech. They were certainly not about to play the “hurry up music” for him.  

5. Random subject change, forget all of the prejudices you had against wallpaper...check out Flat Vernacular. Just wow. 

6. Maps About Nothing. They should have a lot more pride...these maps are incredible and I can't even imagine how much work they took! I am actually planning on going around New York to find all of the places on the Seinfeld map. 

7. Buying these Cannon Salt & Pepper Shakers right NOW. This is the nerdy side of me in full form. 

8. For all you Tarantino fans: Why 'Pulp Fiction' is Secretly About Parallel Universes

9. These gorgeous Reiss Shorts were featured on Polyvore's Daily Find. I have the pants version :)  

10. Touching story about a 911 call....makes me appreciate the bonds between women. 

11. Handmade skincare...it can be done! ...according to this article. Will I ever actually take the time to do this? NOPE! But maybe you will! And then send some to me :) 

12.  This list of must-have apps is actually very helpful. I recommend downloading them all. 

13. I want this. I have a problem with buying. Ever since working at Reiss, I feel steaming is the best medicine for wrinkles! No more ironing boards! BURN THEM! (i need to chill)

14. Lastly, if you want to buy me a birthday present (THIS FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6th!!) I would very much enjoy this Gourmet Olive Oil from Portugal (my homeland, yo). 

Tomorrow is my first day of class of my second year at NYU! 8 am bright & early! Hope all is well with everyone :) 


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