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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Wonders

Sitting in Think with Nicole while writing this post BTW.  Love her. Forever love Professor McBride Social Foundations I <3 

Sorry sorry sorry - this is the last tear-jerking video I will share...I promise. (not really heheh) 

If you love Game of Thrones, you will find this BuzzFeed post called "14 Best Hodor Quotes"  absolutely hilarious.

Why Parents are Basically Just Little Children. Yes, I'm talking to you mom and dad. Number 4 is literally my mom. Like I think she figured out how to send in a screen shot of our conversations. I believe the man below is attempting to take a "selfie". annnnnd he's failing.

Sooo I was lying in the beginning of the post. Sort of. Here is a list of amazing Tearjerker movies. Good job Cosmo <3 Now please hire me as an intern and I'll add to this list. My Girl?? Just stop. Crying. I love their description of why this film made it on their list: Before Macauley Culkin was kinda weird and Anna Chlumsky was a real grownup on Veep, they were Thomas J. and Vada Sultenfuss, the two best friends that anyone could have. Until a swarm of bees attacks a certain allergic, adorable someone. Cue: Us bawling our eyes out.

If any of you actually care about what I'm doing with my education over here at NYU, I thought I'd tell you about a film that I'm writing about in my final paper in my Film and Literature of the Magreb course. It's called Viva Laldjerie (Viva Algeria). Here is it's IMDB and it's available to watch instantly on Hulu. Even though it was mandatory to watch for the class, I actually really enjoyed it. It beautifully portrays a mother/daughter relationship within Algeria. If you like foreign films, watch it! And if you do, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts :) 

This is a list of 8 Dark Theories About Children Movies & TV Shows, and number 3 FREAKED ME OUT. It's so true.  

Want to be more "In The Know" about the Tribeca Film Festival? Gotcha covered lovas. 

BOOM. What am I looking forward to see? Stand Clear of the Closing Doors. It follows the story of an autistic boy who runs away from just as Hurricane Sandy hits. And he's from Far Rockaway-a beach that I cleaned up with the NYU Red Cross Club and the Clinton Foundation after Sandy. Robert DeNiro actually endorsed this film himself. 

13 Must Have Products Under $10. I bet that Alba Lip Gloss tastes SO good. I'm kind of imagining it as the way my favorite sunscreen WOULD taste if it didn't taste so horrible. But smells oh so good.

Since Britt, Jess and I are moving into an apartment next semester, I have been acutely aware of AWESOME stuff we need to have in our lovely home. Since I've been trying to become more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, I figure we'll need an electric hot water kettle to make things easier around the place :) Here are 4 Kettles the experts tried out

And since Earth Day was sometime this week (I feel like for a month they say it's Earth Day...) I thought I'd share this pretty DIY project that helps (supposedly) save our planet. 

To top today's Wednesday Wonder's off- here's one last project that I have wanted to do FOREVER. And this one seems pretty simple- so I think I could handle it. 

How cute? 


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