Miss City Discovers: Wednesday Wonders

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wednesday Wonders

1. 9 Green Super Foods...that I want and that will make you a healthy human being that most likely will live longer. Kiwis..get over here.

2. Emotion. Sung by Destiny's Child and Celine Dion. Epic. Just epic. Like how did everyone not understand that Beyonce was a magical creature back then?? She blows everyone else out of the water!! 3:48....WATCH THIS.

And sorry, now that I've shared that video..I have to share what I think was the greatest Super Bowl National Anthem ever performed..

3. This SELF Workout in the Park sounds really fun and a great way to get moving! By the way, I did end up buying the UP by Jawbone...and I love it! Apparently I slept for 7 hours and 8 minutes last night. Also, last night I actually BOXED at Crunch. Yes. I thought it was kickboxing..but actually I was in a boxing ring, with gloves on and punching my partner-- I'm in immense pain but it was awesome. So watch out, muggers. 

4. Now, Nicola found this list...and I absolutely died. It is so funny. I even did this to my mom....her reaction: "What the hell are you buying?!"

5.  I could use this iPhone case...considering I charge my phone like 4 times a day. 

6. The title says it all : The Most Deranged Sorority Girl Email You Will Ever Read. This B**** is crazy. Crazy crazy. I recommend you read the full email. 

7. I wanna do this 1st Annual Empire State Carrying Contest with Dylan. Plus the proceeds go to the American Red Cross. Nuff said. 

8. NOW GET OUT THERE AND DO THIS WORKOUT that I keep telling myself I'll do and then suck and don't go. And go boxing instead. But I will do this someday Jillian Michaels I promise!!

Mwah, happy Wednesday. Going to Endicott tonight!


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