Miss City Discovers: Holly Golightly & Peachy Green Smoothies

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holly Golightly & Peachy Green Smoothies

1.    Chris D'Elia Vines are the most amazing thing you will ever come across. If you do not have Vine, then follow him on Twitter. While watching his 10 second videos, you will come across him talking gibberish to unsuspecting gas station attendants, making up the conversations of people across the room from him and constantly stereotyping people (but in a good way).
2.    Gizoogle.net will make you feel instantly cool. Simply enter in your Twitter (for me I'd put in @msjordanscott) and your tweets will be translated into "gangster". 
3.    Charred Brussels Sprout Salad. Just another reason to indulge my unnatural obsession with Brussels Sprouts. 
4. Oh god. How horrible is this? I feel like it should have come out of Miss Congeniality. 
5. Hey all you sun bunnies! Is that a thing? Well, read this article about why sunscreen really DOES count! 
6. Holly Golightly's Apartment in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Teaches Us 9 Important Lessons.
7. I still don't think I have the guts to wear these type of pants, but I can appreciate their coolness from afar.
8. Just Peachy Green Smoothie. This sounds so amazingly refreshing. 
9. I win. I found the best Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe that ever existed. You are so so welcome.
10. Why DOES acne still exist? Young and old alike have been battling these tiny irritants since like forever. Shouldn't we have figured out a way to stop it by now? Lol sorry I went from Roast Beef to Acne. 
11. I tried to make this Nutella Mug Cake, and it just did not taste good at all...honestly I was really lazy and probably didn't take the actual necessary steps but STILL. I tried. And it was like ew. 
12. This is over (even though it weirdly says it's an all-year round thing??) but HOW SCARY AND INSANE DOES THIS SOUND? I really want to go. But Dylan is terrified of this stuff so I definitely couldn't take him. He would say "That sounds stupid" in order to avoid this awesome haunted house. 
13. I kind of want to do this Essential Edibles Cleanse. And before you say, "Jordan remember when you tried to do the juicing 2 day cleanse, and didn't make it past 1 pm of the first day?" Yeah, I recall that terrible time in my life. BUT in this one, you get to eat! Like organic food. And then you take these pills, which sounds kind of not good but it sounds easy so I want to do it. 
14. Knot Free Ties. I need them. 

Enjoy this video of Kai Singing When I Was Your Man on Ellen!


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