Miss City Discovers: Cupcakes & Secret Doors

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cupcakes & Secret Doors

I have an overwhelming desire to take a cupcake making class. Wouldn't that be fun? And if I'm learning a new skill, then it is absolutely acceptable for me to eat an entire batch of cupcakes. On GroupOn actually, I found a Cupcake Making Class at Butter Lane Cupcakes. Banana PLEASE. 

Now that I have started off this Monday on a completely random and useless note, I will continue that streak. Another possible plan for the upcoming week is attending New Fish City: A Seafood Feast on the Waterfront. Takes place downtown, and a ton of seafood restaurants are getting together to showcase all their delicious grub. Also, it is free! Hurray. Are you grossed out that I went from cupcakes to fish? Too bad. Just wait until the new post from Sally's Baking Addiction. 

Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Omg. Died and went to heaven. 

Switching topics yet again, this video is basically a compilation of ALL OF MY FAVORITE news bloopers. Phantom of the Opera cast Junior year of high school...yeah we memorized the first one and regularly recited it and also decided that Derrison and Bertation are now real words. Accept us. 

Father's Day Presents. We all gotta do it. Here's a list. 

And since we all love to make our daddy's proud, here is how to wear a crop top! Surprisingly informative. 

I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with my discovery of knockknockstuff.com 
It. Is. Every. Organizers. Dream. Just wow. I'm in love. 

There is this cool event happening June 11th (Tomorrow) at Sullivan Hall called Next Up Sessions where you basically get to listen to all these cool bands/singers and the audience picks a winner! Perhaps I can finally live out my dream of being an American Idol Judge. Just kidding, that is not at all a dream of mine. Don't know why I said that..

Pointerpointer.com: for those days when you are literally so bored and have nothing better to do and are somehow amused with this ridiculous idea. Apparently there is an infinite amount of pictures with people pointing. 

Along those same lines but INFINITELY cooler is this site called The Secret Door where you are transported to different places/rooms all over the world!! Literally unbelievable. Last place I opened was a school classroom in Tokyo. 

And finally, aren't these shoes great? Super versatile. 

Have a great rest of your Monday! 


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