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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Miss City's 50th Post!

 101 Things To Do In NYC Summer 2013. This list makes my head hurt. And my heart. Because I know I'll never be able to do all of this!! 

I really like this site called Artsy Modern

In the market for really delicate and beautiful jewelry? Catbirdnyc.com is the spot for you. 

I want this mug

Always have to include a good old Green Detox Smoothie

I don't know about you, but how AMAZING was it when DOMA was struck down? I was sitting in the living room watching the Today Show when the BREAKING NEWS came across the screen. I love when I can really recognize that I'm witnessing history change. This will certainly be one for the books. I feel for those future AP US History Students. This article made me smile. 

And if DOMA being totally BURNED didn't improve your mood as much as you'd like, then this video surely will. Don't Let Me Down as sung by the hottest father and cutest baby in the entire world. 

I always keep my tabs on Drew Barrymore because of our close family relationship with her mother, Jade Barrymore. I thought this was kind of an interesting Buzzfeed post

I feel like this is the first summer that I am starting to recognize my skin being weird in different weather. I also blame New York. I loved flipping through this post on Daily Candy called 22 Ways To Get Skin So Soft. Great list of helpful products as well. 

I am very interested in this 'members only' site I found called Feyt.com. All fashion lovers will flock to this soon for sure. For me they recommended this Lanvin Bag. 

Favorite Getaway: The Yeatman Hotel in my native country, Portugal!! This place looks absolutely magical. When can I plan my trip?!

I found the Yeatman on this list of the Most Romantic Hotels in Southern Europe. Ok so the Perivolas in Greece doesn't look so bad either...

If anyone knows my brother, they know this little clip is SO him. Haha I love it. 

Can we just embrace the fact that this picture happened? Thank you. JT and Ryan BFF's for life. 

I love this sentiment.


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