Miss City Discovers: Timeless Dresses & Thin Crust Pizza

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Timeless Dresses & Thin Crust Pizza

I like these sketches of timeless dresses.  I think my favorite is the Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think I aspire to be Audrey Hepburn. Or at least look like her.

I am really enjoying the blog MySanFranciscoKitchen.com where I found this recipe for Thin-Crust BBQ Chicken Pizza. I always stray from recipes and my new goal is to try to completely follow directions for once..

These Fresco Towels with faded geometric designs remind me of laying out in a desert in the Southwest. Because I've done that? I have no idea why. But they have a lot of cool in them. 

These are stunning shoes for men. I think my dad would love them for father's day. 

Last week while working in Reiss, a beautiful woman named Caroline came in looking for a dress. After trying a few, she looked at the time and realized she was late. For rehearsal. For the Tonys. Which she was performing in because she is in the ensemble of Kinky Boots. AND THEY WON BEST MUSICAL. One of the many highlights so far of working in a store with beautiful clothing :) She is all the way to the left in the blue sweater. 

Nashville, where do I begin with you? Your season finale was epic. I hope you never end. I am still extremely in love with Deacon even though he had a ridiculous alcohol-induced meltdown. I am more and more impressed with Hayden Panettiere every episode. She is actually an incredible actress. Her storyline is probably my favorite in the entire series. I still sometimes think she looks like a mini doll/person though. Don't hate.

Ew blog world, are you mad at me for starting and then obsessing with every television show? Because I just finished Season 1 of....Gossip Girl. Yeah. I did it. And not only did I subject myself to the horror of bitchy girls on the Upper East Side, I also dragged Jess into the whole shabang. I LIKE THE SHOW. It is addicting and exciting whenever they mention real New York things/places/moments that I know and/or have done! So I'm sticking with it. Even though I already know who Gossip Girl is. Because I ruin things for myself. And I also told Jess. I'm a great friend. Oh and Leighton Meester? Most gorgeous person on the planet. 

Since all I do is sit around and watch TV shows, then rant about them here, I figured I should at least attempt to eat healthy. So here are like a trillion amazing ideas for 100 Calorie Snacks

I love Snickers and therefore I know I will love these Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sally's Baking Addiction. 

And although I haven't yet made the above cookies, I DID actually make her recipe for Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins with Cinnamon Streusel. I also brought them into work and they were a hit. They. Were. SO. Good. The first picture is how hers turned out, the second is my little amateur creation. 

And while we are obsessing over every recipe of Sallysbakingaddiction.com I thought I'd share ONE more with you that I desperately want to make. Possibly for the Father's Day Brunch on Sunday. These are Nutella-Stuffed Cinnamon Sugar Muffins. WHAT. 

This one-pot-pasta idea sounds really awesome and easy. I love all the ingredients as well. 

I found this article called Yes, Please: Party of One by Andrew O'Hagan on the NYtimes website. It was really inspiring and makes me want to go travel the world all on my own :) 

Creative Dad Takes Most Adorable Kids Photos Ever. Look at these. Just in time for Father's Day!

It has been a while since I shared something from Twisted Sifter. I love this piece they did on Exploding Light Bulbs Filled with Random Things.

I also found this post on a Lost Egyptian City Found Underwater After 1200 Years fascinating. Who wouldn't?! Look I don't just rant about Nashville..I also educate!

Here is a 7-Minute SCIENTIFIC Workout that I could totally do. 

Reasons to Appreciate Your Dad this Father's Day. From Walking to Driving, they are always there! Love you dad!


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