Miss City Discovers: Healthy Snack Foods, Judith Hill & Joe Bonamassa

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Healthy Snack Foods, Judith Hill & Joe Bonamassa

It is a glorious Saturday here in the beautiful capital city of New York. It feels good to be back in Albany. Dylan is on his way home from Boston as we speak. Yesterday, Sahana, Mrs. Tate and I went to one of those flipped houses where all the local designers go in and completely re-vamp a house. It was stunning. Breath-taking. After, we went to the Greek Festival at St. Sophia's. The food was amazing. We all gorged ourselves (as usual). AND THEN if eating a pound of baklava wasn't enough- Sahana and I went back to her house and MADE A CAKE. Why? With chocolate chips added....we have a real problem.

The Chaudhry Gals and the Scott Gals leave for Miami on Wednesday so that should be a blast! Pictures to come.

1. Here's a list of 14 Healthy Snack Foods. They're pretty manly. So perhaps watch out girls.

2. Yes I realize that the Met Gala was like a week or something ago. But still, here is a link to all the gowns. And a couple of my favorites are below! Rooney Mara nails this look every time. And I love the girly lace and cool structure of Bella Heathcote's gown.  

3. Last week I found out that it was the 10 year anniversary of the Lizzie McGuire Movie. What. So what ensued was me going through every big Hilary Duff song and Francesca and I dancing around the dorm. It was a great night. I miss that show sooo much. 

4. This video is amazing. Yeah. Watch it. 

5. If Judith Hill doesn't win The Voice, I don't believe in humankind anymore.

6. So after watching Nashville religiously since it started, I was all of a sudden wondering how they cast the two daughters who are INCREDIBLE musicians! The older daughter's voice gives me chills. So I did a little research. Turns out they are YouTube stars and now TV stars! Watch them!

7. My parents are going to see Joe Bonamassa tonight and I'm so jealous. He's so amazing. Sorry I'm blowing up this post with videos. 

8. Father's Day is coming up- how sweet is this idea


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