Miss City Discovers: Stunning Art, Reiss & 16 Summer Reads

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Stunning Art, Reiss & 16 Summer Reads

There is nothing like striking and dazzling artwork to brighten up a gloomy Thursday. Dylan and I are officially moved into New York! His first week interning at Pegasus has been hectic but extremely insightful and stimulating. As for me, the gorgeous clothing company, Reiss, has hired me. I am so thrilled and I cannot wait for my first day tomorrow! Everything in their line is breathtaking and right up my alley (simple & chic). GoCityGirl.com is a great fashion site to find outfits at all of your favorite stores! 

On the TV front, I have started two new shows: Elementary and Scandal because they are the two that everyone will not stop talking about!

 I think the premise of Elementary is very cool. I love the casting of Sherlock- I think Johnny Lee Miller is a hidden gem and perfect for the part of the infamous neurotic detective. And how cool is it that Watson is played by a woman?! I know Quentin Tarantino loves Lucy Liu as he has cast her multiple times in his films (Kill Bill, The Man With the Iron Fists). Interestingly enough, my first week at NYU they were filming an episode of Elementary on the street and I told myself I'd watch it as soon as it premiered...and then my Downton Abbey addiction skyrocketed.

During the first episode of Scandal I was finding myself a little annoyed at how everyone was constantly on their knees for Kerry Washington. After a while it was kind of like, "Okay I get it, she's awesome at what she does". By the end of the first episode when finally the audience learns something new/vulnerable about her character concerning a very high-profile figure, the show hooked me. Oh and can Kerry Washington stop being so gorgeous? I have a feeling this will also start to get old for me as I lay on the couch eating chips & salsa while watching her. 

Oh and how could I forget...WTF GAME OF THRONES? The Red Wedding? Really? Dylan does not even watch the show and I felt it necessary to explain exactly how heart-wrenching and disturbing this final scene of Episode 9 was when he collapsed in the apartment after a long day at work. What. The. Ef. Honestly, I had my hand clasped over my mouth during the last scene like an idiot. Television is not supposed to effect a human being this much!! I think the only way to feel remotely better at this is to remember that Emilia Clark will most likely take over the realm now...right? Here's a link to something called: Emilia Clark Is My Medieval Fantasy

Also to cheer us up after that bloodbath is this website called Nicest Place on the Internet. It is corny. I actually think that it had the opposite effect on me that it was supposed to...but anyways try it out. People record videos of themselves hugging the computer. Yep. 

16 Books That Should Be On Your Summer Reading List. Number 10 I have already adamantly recommended to you. I plan on definitely reading Number 5 & 13 since in my first semester writing course we read some Dear Sugar columns and also Brian Stelter, writer for the New York Times, has tweeted at me before and also I adore Matt Lauer. 

To cap off this post, here is Sasha Allen singing Ain't No Way and in the process, knocking my socks off. She nailed it. 


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